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Help Beat the Heat!

Help Beat the Heat with assistance to spay and neuter!

Donate via iDonate or Paypal to a campaign on this page or mail your checks and money orders to:

Beat The Heat Alliance, Inc.

P. O. Box 413

Rogersville, TN 37857-0413

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Started: May 12, 2014

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Click" target="_blank">HERE TO DONATE STUFF you have to give! We like

o Passenger vehicles

o Cell phones

o Precious metal bullion

o Grain commodities

o Gold jewelry

o Gift cards (provided the balance meets the minimum value)

o (Publicly-traded stock)

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Recycling to Beat The Heat

Goal: $1000.00 | Raised: $684.80

Started: October 18, 2012

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Go to

Send in (download label from website above) or drop off your old ink cartridges, cell phones, calculators, and other things you didn't know how to get rid of. Beat The Heat Alliance Inc. gets paid for recycling and for buying recycled! This helps us to continue spaying and neutering and helps you clean your house!

Or just make a contribution today!

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